Scientists Have Created A Butter-Like Spread With A Quarter of the Calories and Almost No Fat

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The taste of creamy rich butter while cutting down on your animal fat intake! Tell me more!

Scientists have a new type of butter made mostly out of water with minimal fat.   They describe their findings in their paper, published on June 27. Using canola oil, beeswax, water, and some added emulsifiers, they figured out how to create a spreadable butter-like substance that’s up to 80 percent water.

According to one article, 

“Imagine 80 percent water in 20 percent oil and we create something with the consistency of butter, with the mouth feel of butter and creaminess of butter,”  says one scientist!

The scientists say this new butter-like spread only has 2.8 grams of fat and 25 calories per tablespoon – compared to butter’s 11 grams of fat and approximately 100 calories in the same amount.

Now, if they could only turn water into wine…