Scientists Have Created Music That Simulates Driving Sounds To Help Put Babies To Sleep!

I'll try anything!

If you’re a parent, you’re very familiar with driving the kid around in the car in hopes that they will fall asleep!  Parents have even stayed in the car while its idling in the driveway just to get a few minutes of peace.


However; there’s something new to try that won’t waste your gas!  Scientists in the U.K. worked with a music producer named Tom Middleton, and created a bunch of music that simulates the driving sounds that put kids to sleep.

They used a bunch of car sounds, like the engine hum and the air conditioner.  But they mixed it with ambient music, and a combination of, “white, pink, and brown noise” in various tones.   So the car sounds are really subtle.


The whole thing is part of a promo for the Nissan LEAF, their fully electric car that doesn’t make any engine noise.  You can listen to the full 15-minute song on Spotify.  Just go to “Tom Middleton Dream Drive“.


The album is called Dream Drive, The Zero-Emission Lullaby!