Last summer, Hollywood came to Orillia as local writer/director Jake Horowitz’s feature film debut was shot in town. David Hewlett (The Shape of Water, Stargate: Atlantis, Cube), Dylan Everett (Degrassi, Supernatural, Pure), Niamh Wilson (Saw Franchise, Giant Little Ones), and Stevie Joffe (Alisa Grace) descended on all parts of Orillia – from Mariposa Market to Alleycats to The Brownstone, and everywhere in between – as they filmed Who You Know, a new twist on the romantic comedy that’s finally coming home to Orillia. After dazzling audiences at film festivals around North America, Who You Know is a screening that’s sure to be quirky, charming, surprising, and completely entertaining.

Who You Know follows, Cole, an aspiring screenwriter who decides to write his most ambitious script to date by plotting out a whimsical rom-com with Haley, the daughter of his screenwriting idol, all in hopes of meeting her legendary father and getting a leg up in showbiz. As Cole realizes he has written himself into a corner both morally and romantically, Who You Know delves into insights of ambition, desire, and regret, as it takes a comedic and oftentimes heartbreaking look at what it takes to succeed in art, life and love in the modern world.

An official selection of the Orlando Film Festival and the Hamilton Film Festival, Who You Know is stopping for an evening in Orillia before going on the more film festivals in North America and beyond in 2020.