Second Person Dies After Boat Crash Involving Kevin O’Leary

More questions than answers still.

TMZ started reporting that Kevin O’Leary (Dragon’s Den) was involved in a fatal boat crash in Ontario last weekend that has now claimed the life of two people.  The horrible crash happen around 11:30pm near Emerald Island.

A retired accountant Gary Poltash, who lives in Florida, was killed instantly and police says that a mother of three from Uxbridge, Suzana Brito died yesterday of catastrophic head injuries. 

O’Leary quickly put out a statement that read in part; 

“Late Saturday night I was a passenger in a boat that had a tragic collision with another craft that had no navigation lights on and then fled the scene of the accident. I am fully cooperating with authorities.”

O’Leary also claims that his wife was driving the boat at the time of the accident but did pass a breathalyzer.

Sources say that the other boat did not take off but rather was racing to shore for desperately-needed medical assistance for those injured from the crash.  A member of one of the victims family says it was O’Leary who fled. Nothing has been confirmed yet by authorities. 

According to investigators, the two victims were on a 13-person craft returning to a nearby cottage after a pleasure cruise when it was allegedly struck by O’Leary’s boat.