Seth Meyers’ New Netflix Special Lets You Skip The Trump Jokes

Seth is doing something a little different with his new Netflix Stand Up Special. 

Seth is aware that many people may be burned out by all the political drama in the US right now, so he’s asked Netflix to offer a new feature to the program.

The new Netflix special “Lobby Baby” is now available for streaming.  Seth covers his family and yes, Trump.  If you don’t want to see and hear anymore political Trump jokes, a ‘skip intro’ button will appear at the top of some of its programs.

If you watch “Late Night” with Seth, you know that one of his favourite topics is President Trump. 

CNN writes:

Meyers, formerly a writer and cast member on “SNL,” has a history of lampooning Trump that started long before the President made it to the White House and Meyers became host of “Late Night.” At the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Meyers and President Obama took jabs at the then-host of “The Apprentice,” who watched stone-faced from the audience. Some speculate that Trump’s road to the White House was spurred by the mockery he faced that night.