Sexy ‘Toy Story’ Inspired Costumes Sell Out

“to infinity and beyond”

A line of halloween costumes based on the movie “Toy Story” is sparking some big reactions online…

Online retailer Fashion Nova released the line-up, which includes three different costumes, on their website. The first is called New Sheriff In Town and is apparently based on Woody.

For fans of Buzz Lightyear, there’s the Infinite And Beyond costume. Closing out the set is a costume called Ooooh The Claw, based n the toy aliens that live in the Pizza Planet claw machine in “Toy Story.”

Ascots, not available! However you may too get a kink in your wiener just like Slinky dog! 

Online, there have been some mixed reactions. Lots of people love this idea, while one person simply wrote, “Childhood ruined.”