Shark Week 2020 Is Here!

Something exciting is actually happening this week in 2020!

The Discovery Channel’s annual week of shark-themed programming has returned with a little bit of everything that fans love, including shark experts, celebs squaring off with sharks, and alien sharks.


Here’s a look at this year’s full schedule, which kicks off Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel with “Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble On the Reef.”


Monday, August 10

Abandoned Waters (8 p.m. ET): A lock of human interaction during the coronavirus pandemic gives researchers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the natural behaviors of the great white sharks at Australia’s Neptune Islands.


ShaqAttack (9 p.m. ET): After surviving a shark encounter in last year’s “Shaq Does Shark Week,” the legendary basketball star is back. This time, he recruits YouTube stars Dude Perfect and Mark Rober to test and uncover various sharks’ “most mind-blowing hunting techniques.”


Jaws Awakens (10 p.m. ET): Shark expert Chris Fallows is joined by Jeff Kurr and Dickie Chivell to search for the largest male great white shark in the world, a nearly 20-foot long, two-ton shark off the waters of New Zealand known as Fred.


Other Highlights include!


Tuesday, August 11

Will Smith: Off The Deep End (9 p.m. ET): Will Smith confronts his fear of nature’s fiercest predator, diving headfirst into the action, excitement, and shark-infested waters.

August 15th 

Sharks Gone Wild 3 (10 p.m. ET): Everything you always wanted to know about viral shark videos but were afraid to ask! A review of everything from viral videos and the biggest news stories to the latest in cutting-edge shark science.

Sunday, August 16

Naked & Afraid of Sharks 2 (8 p.m. ET): Five Naked and Afraid veterans attempt to survive on “Shark Alley,” a remote strip of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle whose waters are teeming with predators.

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