Sharknado 3 premieres tonight and a movie about EMOJIS?

by Charlie V | Jul 22, 2015 Little Prince George is two years old today- […]

by Charlie V | Jul 22, 2015
Little Prince George is two years old today- He will celebrate with a tea party with granny!

So where in the world is Jon Snow? Kit Harington, the actor who plays Snow in Game of Thrones (and in my dreams) last spotted boarding a plane from London to Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday night!!!!! YES, headed to Belfast where Game of Thrones is currently shooting!!! Watchers on the Wall have noted that Harington has been spotted heading to Belfast at least three times since the show started filming and that if he were just shooting a simple funeral scene, there would be no need for that many visits!

Sharknado 3 Premieres Tonight

Love it or hate it, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premieres tonight at 9pm on Syfy. Ian and Tara admit the movie this time had a decent budget, at $1 Million. Joey Fatone, Mark McGrath and more guest stars are involved.

The filmmakers behind the upcoming historical documentary Painted Down, a film that highlights the once-common practice of painting white stuntmen in black makeup to double for African-American performers, have withdrawn their support for comedian Bill Cosby and cut him from their film.

Khloe Kardashian is getting her own talk show called ‘Kocktails With Khloe’. It’ll air later on this year on the new FYI Network. According to the show’s producer, she was chosen because she has a “gift for remaining funny, warm and relatable”

Sony has won a bidding war for a movie based around EMOJIS… In a deal near seven figures, Sony Pictures Animation won a three-studio auction for an animated movie pitch regarding the Emoji, those lovable round headed figures that are very much a staple of social media…

Sony is releasing Pixels this weekend, the movie stars Adam Sandler and some of the most popular video game characters all coming to life, including Pac Man…

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas have reportedly taken the final step toward ending their 18-year marriage more than a year after their split. The duo reportedly signed their divorce papers and are now just waiting for a judge to sign off to make it official

Justin Bieber can travel to Argentina without getting bothered by cops…

An Argentinian court has notified Interpol Argentina to withdraw an outstanding arrest warrant against Bieber and erase it from the system. Back in 2013, a photographer claimed Bieber ordered his bodyguards to attack him. Bieber was ordered to appear for questioning but was a no show and that’s when the warrant was issued. Bieber had been effectively blocked from Argentina, for fear he’d get arrested.

Nicki Minaj isn’t taking her MTV Video Music Awards snubs well, taking to Twitter to criticize network bosses for overlooking her Beyonce collaboration. Nicki did picked up three nods on Tuesday morning – but not in the categories she was expecting. And she was stunned that her Feeling Myself promo didn’t get a mention. She tweeted, “MTV thank you for my nominations. Did Feeling Myself miss the deadline or…?”

Is Superman heading to the sexy world of Fifty Shades?

Rumors are swirling that Henry Cavill may be putting on a different kind of suit for the erotic drama’s anticipated sequel, Fifty Shades Darker…Cavill is reportedly being eyed to play Jack Hyde, Anastasia Steele’s (Dakota Johnson) new boss, who takes an immediate liking to her.