Shine Gala for Autism

Fundraiser – Saturday, November 12, 2016 – 6pm-12am

Little Blue Schoolhouse Support Services presents their second annual Shine Gala Fundraiser for Autism on Saturday, November 12, at the Dorian Parker Community Centre in Barrie. The Gala includes a three-course meal, live entertainment, silent auction, and more! Greg and Tammy Kliewer founded The Little Blue Schoolhouse to ensure their son Tavish continued to get the care he needed after the sudden closure of the Renaissance Academy in 2015. The combination of life skills based training, fitness, community engagement, and opportunities to be independent and productive transformed Tavish from a volatile, aggressive, deeply unhappy kid into someone who is calm, happy and more engaged than he has ever been.

“Tavish went from somebody who was melting down multiple times a day, hurting himself, covered in bruises, to really happy and content,” Greg said. “You could see he felt accomplished in his total demeanor. He was a completely different kid.”

Diagnoses of Autism are at a record high, with 1 in 68 children on the spectrum. It is very expensive for families to access treatment services, which cost from $30,000 to $60,000 each year. One hundred percent of proceeds from the Shine Gala go towards scholarships for students to attend the Little Blue Schoolhouse.

The Little Blue Schoolhouse provides intensive, comprehensive, and individualized programs to each of our learners. We are a not-for-profit organization that provides educational, vocational, life skills and health programming to teens and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are in need of your support to help better the lives of youth and families impacted by severe autism in our community!

Tickets can be purchased from the Little Blue Schoolhouse’s website: