Should The Day After The Super Bowl Be A Holiday? Most Managers Say “Yes”

Are you taking the Monday after Super Bowl off?

The debate continues- Should the day after Super Bowl be a holiday?  Most managers say “Yes.”

A survey was done by Staffing firm OfficeTeam and found that HR manages are in favour of a holiday after the Super Bowl… 72% of managers say its a better situation for all.  Lots of workers will either call in sick or roll in extremely late!

The survey looked at a number of big events that happen on a Sunday and asked managers if these events were worthy of the following Monday off…

The second most popular choice was the day after the NBA finals with just 5% of the vote.  2% said the day after the Oscars should be a holiday.
2% said the day after the World Cup, we should have it off…

Surprising, maybe to Canadians only 1% of Americans say the day after the Stanley Cup finals should be a holiday!

According to this survey, about 32% of us have shown up late the day after a major sporting event, with 27% calling in sick and those who do show up, as less than productive!

Note that this week if will be hard for people to concentrate, as the average person will waste about 27 minutes a day leading up to a major sporting event!