Signs Your Man Is Dead In Bed!

In case you were wondering!

Watch how he walks!

There’s a new report out that suggests that men who take big strides when they walk are more often than not -grand slam hitters in the sack!

Men who take shorter strides are 40% more likely to struggle with their slugger.  The reason comes down to weak pelvic muscles. 

His walk isn’t the only determination on his performance.

Handwriting can also be a factor with experts saying men who sign their lowercase ‘ys’ with long loops tend to have strong sex drives and have more of an imagination. 

Another sign of a good time is his willingness to use Emojis.  As previously reported, people who use more emojis have more sex because they’re skilled at expressing desire.  Plus emoji users go on more first dates.

Nail Biting:

Sexpert Tracey Cox said men who bite their nails “push boundaries and go to extremes.”  These guys are more adventurous lovers and have flexible thumbs…

If you’re guy likes coffee-flavoured ice cream, he’s more likely to be seductive, flirtatious and dramatic.  A more thoughtful lover will select strawberry ice cream.


Is your man a lefty?  Because if he is, research suggests that lefties are happier with their sex lives than righties. 


Teeth Brushing is important.  A Chinese university found that your man needs to brush at least twice a day to prevent gum disease.  Gum disease apparently leads to lower testosterone, bad blood flow and not to mention- bad breath!