Single Men Change Their Sheets How Many Times A Year???

Director of UK Study Calls the Statistics "Alarming"

Dear single men… This might explain why you are still single!

According to a new study, the average single male changes his bedsheets every 3.1 months, whereas the average female changes her bedsheets every 2.3 weeks. That translates to four times a year for men, or 26 times per year for women.

Jed MacEwan (who conducted the study) called the results “alarming.” His response to males who don’t see the need to change them more often? “Dust mites would find a perfect habitat in such unhygienic bed sheets and they can cause allergic flare-ups, asthma, rhinitis and other physical reactions.”

He also pointed out that 17% of men said a prospective partner had been “put off” by their rancid linens… Take a hint, guys!!!

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How often do you change your sheets?

Image via Banalities