SIU Clears Local Officers Of Wrongdoing After Bradford Man’s Foot Broken During Arrest

SIU, Witnesses Say Suspect Became Resistant During Arrest

South Simcoe Police officers in Bradford have been cleared by the province’s police watchdog, after a young man was injured during an arrest.

The 20-year-old man was taken to hospital in June of 2017, after police arrived at his home to arrest him. He had his injuries tended to at hospital, while the SIU says charges against the police are not warranted here.

The man suffered broken bones in his foot during an arrest by South Simcoe Police. The SIU says the man’s bail was revoked, and was calm and cooperative when police put the cuffs on, but became aggressive when police tried to put him in the back of the squad car.

One officer tried to take out the suspect’s legs while the other hit the suspect before the suspect could hit him, according to both the SIU and civilian witnesses in the area.

X-rays later showed the interaction resulted in a few broken bones, while the suspect suffered a mild concussion.