Size Does Matter!

A bar in Japan is offering women discounts based on the height of their heels!

A study last year showed that more women are wearing more flats than ever before which might explain why the men of Japan are extra thirsty.  There’s been big love for Minnie Mouse heels, outcry at high heels for babies and even a petition to ban companies from forcing women to wear heels at work.

The latest shoe news comes from Japan where a hotel in Tokyo is offering women a sliding scale of discounts on food and drink, depending on how high their heels are. High Heels Ladies’ Night Discount starts at the Hilton Osaka’s My Place bar every Thursday from 15 June, between 6-11.30pm.

According to Sora News 24, discounts start at five centimetres (two inches), which entitles you to 10% off.  Discounts increase by five per cent for every two-centimetre increment, up to a maximum of 15-centimetres, which gets you 30%. Go beyond 15-centimetres and you get the top discount of 40% discount.

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