Sleeping In A Cold Room Is Better For Your Health

Sleep with your window open tonight!

The Harvard Medical School says, sleeping in a cold room will help you fall asleep faster.

Your body is already trying to cool down right before sleep, so this helps to expedite that process, therefore putting you to sleep quicker.

What counts as a cold room?  The U.S. National Institute of Health would consider 66 degrees and cooler is what constitutes “cold.”

They also say that sleeping in a room at that temperature will increase your metabolism.

Oh, and sleeping in a cold room can help reduce insomnia.  Insomniacs have a higher body temperature when they’re sleeping, and the University of Southern Australia deduced that a lower room temperature can help lead to a small temperature change in an insomniac’s body, which is crucial to helping them drift off to sleep.

Sleep Advisor says that all of the above leads to reduced stress throughout the day, making you more well-rested and eager to take on the day’s challenges.