Smelly Feet? Home Remedies to get rid of shoe odour…You’re welcome!

Got Smelly Shoes?  Here are a few home Remedies including Vodka and Kitty Litter!   […]

Got Smelly Shoes?  Here are a few home Remedies including Vodka and Kitty Litter!


#1 Baking Soda

▪ After using your shoes, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on each one.
▪ Leave on the baking soda on the shoes overnight.
▪ Take off the baking soda from the shoes in the morning especially if it is already going to be used.


#2 Essential Oils

▪ Place the essential oil on the shoe.
▪ Place papers inside the shoe also in order to help get rid of the smell.
▪ Leave on the essential oil and paper inside the shoes for about a few hours. Some would prefer to leave it on overnight.

#3 Alcohol

▪ Place enough alcohol on the inside of the shoe. Do remember to avoid placing alcohol on the outer area of the shoes especially if it is made out of leather because this might just proceed in ruining the area.
▪ Leave the shoe coated with alcohol in an area where enough amount of air can help make the bacteria disappear.
▪ Do this process as often as possible because this will help eliminate the possibility of bacteria growing at a steady pace.

#4 Socks

▪ Make sure that you wear a pair of clean socks.
▪ Place the socks before putting on your shoes.
▪ Wash the socks thoroughly after using. You are not recommended to wear the same pair of socks consecutively.

#5 Kitty Litter

▪ Line the shoes with kitty litter but not to the point that its shape will be altered because of its content.
▪ Leave the kitty litter on the shoes overnight or until the smell goes away entirely.
▪ Throw away kitty litter and make sure that your shoes are clean.