‘Snaccident’ Hotline Launches As Working From Home And Boredom Triggers Bad Snacking Habits

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step!

Working from home is causing a rise in ‘snaccidents’, derailing the January diet plans of 90 percent of adults, according to research.


A poll of 2,000 adults found 47 percent are snacking more at home than they did in the office, with boredom the most common trigger.


And 41 percent simply reach for a treat because they crave something sweet. 38 percent even confessed to having a dedicated snack cupboard at home.


The study found that the average adult reaches for snacks four times a day.  Chocolate and chips offer the most temptation.

We are most likely to snack around 3 pm and again around 10 pm. Due to this snacking pandemic, a hotline has been launched…


The free phone line will be open until the end of February to help those who’ve fallen off the snack wagon. For a motivational message on how to go easy on yourself contact the ‘Snaccident’ hotline