SNL Dropped Their Lineup Announcement Today

SNL legend Eddie Murphy is coming back home

Different generations have reasons to celebrate SNL’s 45th Season.

For the first time since he last appeared on SNL as a cast member in 1984, Eddie Murphy will be back on the stage.

(My favourite Eddie Murphy movie, “The Nutty Professor.” He played 5 different characters in the movie!)

According to NBC: Murphy will be hosting this year’s holiday episode in December, when he’ll possibly resurrect such beloved characters as Buckwheat, Gumby and Mr. Robinson.

Eddie Murphy will be promoting his first film for Netflix, Dolemite Is My Name!, which doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

The musical guests are on point. Billie Eilish has the #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit right now with, “Bad Guy.” Although I prefer the Dad Bod cover of the song called, “Dad Guy.”

Taylor Swift just released her new album, “Lover.”

An instant seller and likely the biggest music release of 2019!  There is even a Canadian connection on Taylor Swift’s new CD.

New 45th Season of SNL will premiere on Sept. 28