Snoop Dogg Is Demanding Equal Pay For U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

'Pay them girls what they're worth!’

They out perform their male counterparts in championships and viewership, so why aren’t they getting paid what the men are?

When the U.S. women’s soccer team clinched their fourth World Cup with a shutout against the Netherlands on Sunday, they heard cheers, then a chant from the crowd: “equal pay!” It’s a cause the players have taken up themselves, and now they have a new ally: Snoop Dogg.

The rapper gave the team a shout-out in an Instagram video, before delivering his blunt take on the wage gap between the U.S. women’s and men’s soccer teams.

“Pay them girls what they’re worth,” Snoop demanded. “The women should be getting 500,000 per athlete.


Snoop added a few more choice words, in a way only he can, that you can hear for yourself in the video.

Dozens of members of Congress wrote a letter to the president of U.S. soccer requesting that the wage gap be closed. The lawmakers noted that the women’s team received $1.725 million for winning the 2015 World Cup, while the men’s team was awarded $5.375 million despite losing in the round of 16.

The lawmakers also pointed out that a female player’s base salary is $30,000 less than a male’s, despite the women’s team being much more successful.