So There’s A Bit Of Problem With The New Ontario Blue Licence Plates

You can't see them in the dark!

After the Ontario Government rolled out the new plates last month, there have been complaints and concerns that the new blue plates are unreadable in certain conditions; like the dark…

It was an off duty Kingston Ontario officer who took a picture and posted it to twitter showing a car with the new plate parked at night, suggesting that the plate was unreadable.


And not only when a car is parked; but when driving on the highway- the plate is hard to make out from a distance…

A government official says they are aware of the issues and are looking into it, also adding in a statement;

“Ontario’s new high definition licence plates were tested using advanced plate reader technology under multiple visibility conditions,” “and plates were successfully read under those conditions.”


Some Times You Have Fail To Succeed…. In the mean time, here are other epic fails!  For examples include:


Premier smokeless cigarettes!  

RJ Reynolds, the second largest tobacco company in the US began to market a smokeless tobacco product in 1988 that was intended to be a safer way to use cigarettes. After Reynolds invested about $1 billion into the product, people began to complain that it was like smoking “burning plastic.”


Cheetos Lip Balm

Flavoured lip balm is always fun, so Frito-Lay thought that people would love cheese taste on your lips.  They rolled out the product in 2005 and while Cheetos has been a popular snack for more than six decades, Cheetos-flavoured lip balm failed to catch on with consumers.


Touch of Yogurt Shampoo!

In keeping with the 1970s trend of incorporating natural food ingredients like lemon, herbs, and honey into beauty and hygiene products, Clairol — at the time thought a yogurt shampoo was just what the American consumer wanted.  It turned out the company had grossly miscalculated.  Many consumers were apparently confused as to what they had bought, as there were reported cases of people eating the shampoo.