So…We Saved A Bird’s Life!

We basically reenacted a Disney movie.

On Thursday, I was on remote at Sugar City Cupcakes with our Kool Days Of Summer Street Teamer Alexis, when we noticed a little gold finch fly into a window of another store in the plaza. It dropped to the ground but was still moving.

So we ran over to see if it was okay. And without hesitation, Alexis scooped the bird right up and it just kind of chilled in her hand for a bit. She started petting it, giving him some love and attention, and it was so relaxed it fell asleep in her hand!

bird 2

We weren’t sure if it would still be able to fly so we wanted to take it to a wooded area and away from the parking lot. I found an area with trees away from the cars and Alexis tried to put him down on the ground but he wouldn’t leave her hand. So just like a Disney movie she did a little upward motion with her hand to gently propel him into the air and off he went- flying into the trees (and away from any windows)!

Basically it was a reenactment of this:

disney opinterest
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Or this:

ohmy disney
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See?! He’s sleeping!
bird 4

And we had to snap a #KoolSummerSelfie of course!

bird 1