Sobeys Just Enhanced Grocery Shopping with Canada’s First ‘Smart Cart’

Marty McFly never predicted this

It was recently, Back to the Future Day marking the date that Marty went into the future in ‘Back to the Future II.’

There was self-tying shoes, hover-boards and flying cars but not even Doc and Marty could imagine ‘Smart Carts.’

Glen Abbey’s Sobeys in Oakville is the first (and so far only) location in Canada with an intelligent shopping cart.

Sobeys claims this technology, “provides customers with a highly-engaging, fun and fast way to shop.” Ultimately reducing lineups at the checkout allowing customers to pay on the spot. The Smart Cart will scan and weigh items and show you a running total $ as you shop.

SOBEYS: “Equipped with AI and machine learning technology, the cart will continually evolve to improve beyond a speedy checkout. The cart’s easy-to-read screen will eventually help customers navigate the store to complete a shopping list, highlight great-value promotions and make product suggestions to round out a favourite recipe. This pilot is part of Sobeys’ customer-focused innovation approach to learn and continuously improve through customer feedback.”