Some ‘Friends” Props And Costumes Are Going Up For Auction!

Who doesn't want a copy of Joey's Soap Opera Digest magazine?

Starting December 3rd Warner Bros.Television and Prop Store are auctioning off many props, costumes and production materials from the ‘Friends” series, with proceeds going to the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for young LGBTQ people.

Some of the items up for auction include: 

Joey’s copy of Soap Opera Digest (from “The One with Joey’s Interview” in 2002)


Joey and Chandler’s wood canoe (from “The One with the Cat” in 1997)

and the outrageous holiday armadillo outfit (from “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” in 2000).

The auction will take place between Dec. 3rd-17th and fans can also sign up to win a production script. 

Here’s the link to the auction