Someone’s Leaving Printed Out Signs Next To Piles Of Dog Poo In Public Places

Giving them crap!

There have been many ways that people have tried to remind dog owners to pick up after their fury friends.

Municipal signs have gone up, even little stations along trails and in parks with complimentary poop bags next to trash cans… but appears that some dog owners still aren’t getting the message and one person has taken it upon themselves to help. 

I person(s) is leaving signs right beside the dog poo (sadly not laminated) that reads the following;

‘Hello! I notice you’ve decided not to pick up your dog’s sh*t. ‘I’m sure you’re a responsible dog owner and your responsibility to pick up after your pet has slipped your mind. ‘I thought I’d remind you all the reasons why you should pick up your dog’s sh*t. ‘Dog fouling is disgusting, dangerous and illegal. Kids play in these spaces, people eat their lunch in these spaces.

‘This is a shared space that everyone uses; if you are keen to continue not picking up your dog’s sh*t, can I suggest doing it in a private space that only you use? Perhaps in your living room?’

The note ends with an ultimatum 

‘If I see you not picking up your dog’s sh*t, I will pick it up and hand it to you/throw it at you. ‘See! Loads of reasons to pick it up!’