Something’s a’ Brewing Downtown Barrie this Weekend

BARRIE CRAFT BEER AND BBQ FESTIVAL at Heritage Park and Meridian Place


Here’s what’s happening Downtown Barrie (warning: your mouth may water)

Posted by Koolfmbarrie on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Can’t sell your significant other on a day out drinking beer? Tell them it’s Canadian-made, not watered-down American beer, and it’s about being patriotic – after all we’re in the middle of a trade-war with our Southern neighbours.

It’s a chance to wet your whistle and fill your belly at the Craft Beer and BBQ Festival at Heritage Park and Meridian Place.

The organizers say they’ve scoured the province for what they believe is the very “best of the best in craft breweries.”

Brew Masters Sessions

Still can’t convince your friends or family to head out and drink beer? Try pitching it as an educational field trip. Local brew-masters will drop some of their beer knowledge during the brew-masters sessions.

  • Friday Sessions 8:00 PM | Flying Monkeys, Redline, & Barnstormer Collab.
  • Saturday Sessions 4:00 PM | Market Brewing Co. And 4:15 PM | Bench Brewing Co.
  • Sunday Sessions 4:00 PM | Bench Brewing Co.

The Barrie Brut Pale Ale

You will regret missing this, a one-of-a-kind brew made just for you. The name alone is great, the Barrie Brut Pale Ale, and the beer itself is sure to be a crowd favorite.

It’s secret ingredient may just be that good ‘old Barrie community spirit. Barrie’s own Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Redline Brewhouse and Barnstormer Craft Brewing & Distilling all got together to whip-up something special for the weekend, brewing the Barrie Brut Pale Ale.

Eat all the Things

There are plenty of award winning ribs, chicken and other meats and deep fried goodies. Who doesn’t like a blooming onion or cotton candy?

The Brewer’s

Downtown Tasting Trail

All the downtown hot spots are taking part as well. Be sure to check out the Downtown tasting trail.

Live Music