Sometimes You Just Need To Run Away! Betsy The Cow Has Been Rough For Six Months

Grab your coat and leave a note!

A cow was determined to leave her life as a rodeo star behind and be free!  And she’s done just that for the past six months…

It was Father’s Day weekend when Betsy disappeared from a local rodeo in Anchorage, slipping away from her enclosure heading for the hills.

There have been attempts to find her as real-life cowboys have saddled up their horses in search for her- but, Betsy is gone.  For the past six months the cow has managed to evaded local law enforcement when they have attempted to capture her!

Now, Betsy hasn’t vanished, in fact many tips have come in from joggers, bikers and cross-country skiers who have seen her and called it in…

The owner says that they continue to look for her, but they have accepted that Betsy doesn’t want to be found!


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