South Simcoe Police Constable Takes ‘Community Engagement’ To The Max

'Best Night Ever" For Bradford Family

 A tip of the hat to South Simcoe Police Constable Clint McLellan who saved the day for a Bradford family who misjudged the times for the weekend Carrotfest.

Leslie Puiras and family arrived after everyone had packed up for the day.

They wandered around for a bit before running into Constable McLellan who let the kids sit in the police cruiser, switch the lights on and off and answered their questions.

It turned out to be the “best night ever” says Puiras.

“We went to just look at the cruisers parked nearby as a way of salvaging the evening and my husband explained our mistake. The officer in the picture was SO friendly and chatting it up and asking the kids questions “What do you think will happen if we push this button? Why don’t you climb in and try!” And took turns locking the kids in the back and asking them to try to escape. They were beaming. He was so approachable and comfortable talking to the kids and making it extra fun.”