Spaceballs called it! Now one Alberta company is making a fortune!

Moses Lam is doing the very thing that has become an iconic joke over the […]

Moses Lam is doing the very thing that has become an iconic joke over the years!

Canada is now bottling fresh air and laughing all the way to the bank… This ridiculous concept has been a comedy theme in movies of the past….

spaceballsIn the 1987 film Spaceballs, President Skroob indulges in cans of “Perri-air” after wasting all the air on his home planet. In 2012’s The Lorax, an industrialist destroys the natural world in order to commodify breathable air. And now, inevitably, canned air is real.

air-1An Edmonton company has become the first to sell Rocky Mountain air for export. “A gag gift, that’s how it started off, but you know what? There’s actually a lot of demand for this in … highly polluted countries,” said Moses Lam, founder of Vitality Air.

The concept started when Lam sold a bag of fresh Canadian air on eBay for 99 cents. And when a second bag bidded up to $168 “we thought ‘hey, we might have a market for this.’” Vitality Air, registered in March, sells varying sized cans of pressurized air sourced in Lake Louise and Banff and tested by a local air sampling lab for maximum purity.

A bottle containing 7.7 litres of Lake Louise air retails for $32 online, comes with an attached breathing mask and promises “upwards of 150 inhalations.”

Druidia2So how does one get the air into the can- just like you saw is SpaceBalls- They get a giant vacuum and suck it up! This product is huge for China’s upper middle class who crave a better quality of life…