Spate Of DUI Charges Laid Over Weekend

Police Kept Busy With Drunk Driving Calls

A slew of drunk driving arrests over the past few days, starting early Friday morning. Police in Collingwood say they came across a minivan that had collided with a light post at Sixth and High Streets. A 17-year-old has been charged. About 20 minutes later, another vehicle hit a tree at Sunset Blvd. in The Blue Mountains. A 39-year-old Kitchener man was found at a nearby residence and charged. A RIDE check in Bradford around 7:30 Friday evening caught another suspected drunk driver exiting the 400 at Canal Road, with a 60-year-old from Bradford answering to a DUI in court. Just after 2:30 Saturday, a two car crash on Balsam St. in Collingwood lead to a 46-year-old Toronto man being charged with Drunk Driving. A few hours later, the OPP charged a 33-year-old Collingwood man with Impaired Operation of a Vehicle, after police claim he was swerving all over Highway 26 through Clearview. Finally, a vehicle reportedly left the roadway on Highway 26 at Tenth Line near The Blue Mountains, while police say it was booze that made the 31-year-old Barrie man veer from the roadway.