Spotify’s Top 10 Disney Songs Of All Time

Bet you have more than one favourite!

Everyone has a favourite Disney song!  Disney has been making songs to go with their movies since before most of us were alive.  These songs really do stand the test of time!

Before Spotify and other streaming services, you could find your favourite Disney songs on cassette or CD!

Spotify has released a list of top Disney songs and a lot of them were from 2005!  No surprise Frozen’s “Let It Go” was number one with 289 million plays…

The rest of the top 10 are as follows.


2. “How Far I’ll Go”, “Moana” 205 million

3. “You’re Welcome”, “Moana” 181 million

4. “Life Is A Highway”, “Cars” 153 million

5. “Beauty And The Beast” 2017 148 million

6. “You’ll Be In My Heart”, “Tarzan” 132 million

7. “A Whole New World”, “Aladdin” 121 million

8. “Try Everything”, “Zootopia” 119 million

9. “Love Is An Open Door”, “Frozen” 113 million

10. “Under The Sea”, “The Little Mermaid” 109 million