Spread Your Love And Fly The Hell Away From ME!

Let's just say it wasn't sugar coated.

I cannot believe 2019 sometimes.

We live in this age of information, incredible access to all of the world at all times, and well… Cameo.

It’s an app where you can pay celebs of all different types of fame to send messages, say goofy things, and basically get shout outs.

Now the price for each cameo ranges depending on the fame of the person.

Can range from 5 bucks to 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Earlier yesterday, someone did the unthinkable with this app.

Someone paid Mark McGrath, singer of Sugar Ray, 100 bucks, to do this:

Couple things to touch on.

1- He casually says he has a wife, which is hilarious

2- He clearly has never broken up with anyone ever.

Needless to say, this is HILARIOUS.

Would you pay a celeb to break up with someone? Comment below!