Spring Cleaning? Here Are A Few Things That Could Really Use A Deep Clean!

Its gotta be done, so get yourself motivated!

We have a lot of time to clean right now, and we’re days away from spring, officially.  

Psychological studies have found that having a clean and orderly home is good for mental health, and one study published found that women who describe their homes as “restful” were less likely to be depressed than those who described them as “cluttered.”

While declutter always feels good, try to get to these tasks first, as these are the things in your home that really need your attention!


The Fridge!

Yup, take everything out clean and disinfect the shelves and drawers, then wipe them down.  When putting food back in, check expiries especially for those condiments! 


The Pantry!

Whether you have a closet-sized pantry, you use a cabinet, or even a drawer, take the time to clean out the space where you store your dry goods.  You’d be surprised not to find dust in there!


Behind furniture!

For the most part, we sweep and vacuum around the furniture… Now is a good time to actually move it aside and see what’s been living under there.  If you have pets or kids, I’d also suggest vacuuming under the cushions.



Shoes and boots get pretty gross and dirty during our Canadian winters!  Now is a good time to clean out that closet.  See which shoes fit and don’t.  Wipe the soles with a damp paper towel and try to vacuum up the random dirt and salt still stuck to their boots.



I’m exhausted- Let’s wait until May!