Cheers to a brand new season!

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, days are longer and it’s starting to smell like poo…And we couldn’t be happier!


In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we almost forgot to be happy about Spring officially arriving today!  And springtime in Canada is something special!  One day its beautiful, the next-blizzard!


Regardless, let’s look forward to a new season with good things to come!


You know it’s spring when….

  • You find at least a dozen newspapers under the melting snow, a couple of bags of garbage that got blown away from the curb…
  • One day it’s freezing cold, the next day, it’s mildly warm.
  • Walmart brings out all it’s outdoor merchandise!  There’s an entire section with BBQ supplies… (as if we weren’t barbecuing in the winter)
  • People switch their Starbuck order from hot to iced coffees…
  • When you have to sweep out the garage!