#SquadGoals: The Koolest Celebs to Have as BFFs

Between Taylor Swift’s posse of famous friends and the recent pics of  Adele, Jennifer Lawrence […]

Between Taylor Swift’s posse of famous friends and the recent pics of  Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone out to dinner in New York, it’s got us thinking about the perfect celebrity posse. Whether its “netflix and chill” type night, or living it up at the hottest nightclub in town, here are our picks for the Koolest BFFs!


Amy Schumer



Let’s face it. Amy Schumer is hilarious. And while she portrays herself to be a wild and crazy party girl though her stand-up comedy, her Instagram shows that she’s the kind of girl who values family and friends above all else. While she’d never make you feel bad about getting wayyyy too drunk at a party, she’d also be the one making you laugh through the tears when you’re hungover the next day. Perfect material for a celebrity BFF!


Kevin Hart 

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game

The only downside to hanging out with Kevin Hart is that you’d probably get cramps from laughing too hard. Despite being a father of two, Kevin hasn’t forgotten how to party, but he also sounds like a great family man and a loyal friend. Case in point, the fact that he’s been working with the same manager since long before he became famous.


Justin Timberlake


There’s a reason why Justin Timberlake is the most sought after guest, on everything from Jimmy Fallon to Ellen and Saturday Night Live. In addition to his musical chops, he also has a great sense of humour. And judging by his relationship with Jessica Biel, he’s a great friend and husband too.


Last but not least… Jennifer Lawrence!


Most stars take themselves way too seriously, but Jennifer Lawrence isn’t afraid of being herself, having a bit if fun, and even in some cases pissing people off. She tells it like it is, and loves to have a good time and she’s constantly joking around. We hope she never let’s her stardom get to her head, because we love JLaw just the way she is!


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