Steven Avery’s Lawyer Points Finger At New Suspect In ‘Making A Murderer’ Case

Lawyer Is Pushing For Wrongful Conviction

Kathleen Zellner, the attorney for Netflix’s Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery, filed a document Wednesday that outlines a wrongful conviction argument in favour of her client based on five points. Among the points argued in Zellner’s 1,272-page post conviction notice is an attempt to pin the murder on the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

In 2007 Steven Avery was convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. The points laid out in Zellner’s filing include an argument that Avery’s attorneys, Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, failed to enlist expert testimony on DNA and blood spatter evidence. She also outlines a case against special prosecutor Ken Kratz for ethical violations, a motion that breaks down new scientific evidence, and more.

Zellner’s headline-maker, though, is the argument that points the finger at Halbach’s ex-boyfriend as a suspect. You can read the first 200 pages of the document online, but the case against the ex-boyfriend boils down to her claim that he had motive and misled investigators about some damage to Halbach’s SUV. Zellner took to Twitter to argue that the jury “did not hear evidence” on the ex lover.

Zellner, who has a history of turning over wrongful convictions, is in the process of helping Avery appeal his conviction. She has intimated that she will push for a new trial if her filing fails earn Avery’s release from prison.