Stop Wish-Cycling and Use The Waste Wizard

County of Simcoe's App helps you put waste where it belongs, and more!

You’ve got a wizard in the palm of your hands. And it’ll mean never be left wondering “what goes where?”.

Simcoe County Collects is a free app from the County of Simcoe, which launched in May and has over 15 000 downloads so far. This app has everything you want or need to know about County waste collections all in one place.

After you download the Simcoe County Collects on the App Store or Google Play, customize it with your address and you’ll get reminders about not only your weekly pick-ups, but also your yard waste pickups and special pickups like batteries and electronics. It will also alert you to any delays or cancellations in pickups.


Wilma Bureau, Contracts and Collections Supervisor for the County of Simcoe Solid Waste Management Department, says the app will also help stop what she calls “Wish-Cycling”. This is when people hope or wish that something is recyclable so they put it in the wrong bin. “Wish-Cycling” is a very expensive way of putting something in the garbage, she says. It contaminates the recycling system and results in the items taking the long way to garbage dump.

The Waste Wizard within the app means you’ll never have to argue about what goes in what bin.
Type in what you’re looking for and the Waste Wizard will tell which bin it goes in and any special instructions.

Coffee cups? Yes, they go in the green bin.
Jerry Can? Bring it to a waste facility.
The Waste Wizard will also show you where the nearest waste facility is to you if you have something that doesn’t go in one your bins.

The Simcoe County Collects is available for free. Note: Barrie and Orillia have different waste schedules from the rest of the county.