Stores across Hawaii are locking up Spam because people keep stealing it

Ironically, we're giving it away!

Spam isn’ really considered a delicacy by most, but in Hawaii, it’s a staple used in many dishes like Spam fried rice and Spam musubi. According to local authorities, there’s been a recent serge in people stealing the canned meat to sell on the black market. Thieves are than able to sell it for whatever they want to those who are willing to buy it.

So grocers are taking matters into their own hands and beginning to lock up the spam.  Apparently there are 101 ways to cook with spam….

Spam has now become become one of the top items stolen from convinces stores. It joins the ranks of razor blades, tampons and condoms…It’s being called organized retail crime, it’s not just one person stealing it to feed their family….