Student Vote Sees NDP Form Majority Government

Over 280,000 elementary and high school students participated in Student Vote

Elementary and high school students voted in an NDP majority government with 66 seats. The students gave the PC Party of Ontario official opposition status with 45 seats. The Liberal Party received 11 seats and the Green Party received two seats. It was part of the Student Vote program which saw over 280,000 elementary and high school students participate. The students took it seriously, learning about how the provincial electoral process works.

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They also researched local issues and platforms and cast ballots for the official candidates running in their local electoral district. There were 2,166 schools who reported election results from all 124 electoral districts. A total of 280,691 ballots were cast; 268,091 accepted, 7,103 rejected, 2,562 declined and 2,935 unmarked.