Students Not Allowed To Say “No” If Asked to Dance

How will they ever learn rejection?

Remember the good old days at the school dance and someone approached you that you didn’t want to dance with?  Remember when kids were allowed to choose their friends and dance partners?  Not anymore!

A mother was shocked to learn that kids must say “yes” when asked to dance.  Natalie Richard from Utah told Fox 13 she learned of the rule while talking to her daughter about her school’s upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.


The girl, in her final year at Kanesville Elementary School, said her teachers had told her that all students attending the event would not be allowed to turn down an invitation to dance with another student.

Lane Findlay, a community relations specialist for the Utah district, told Fox 13 that the policy is meant to teach students to be inclusive and polite.
“We want to promote kindness, and so we want you to say yes when someone asks you to dance,” he said.