Study Finds Left-Handed People May Be Better At Verbal Tasks

Lefties rejoice! We’re not just about pen smudged hands, awkward scissors and not knowing which way to bat in baseball!

According to research, four genetic regions have been discovered which may cause left-handedness, and they could also be the reason lefties have superior language skills.

Researchers found that left-handedness may be a byproduct of how the brain develops in the womb as well as the body’s microtubules;  this is basically internal scaffolding that does most of the heavy lifting within human cells.

Researches found that left-handers might have an advantage when it comes to verbal tasks!

For fun, here are famous Lefties!

Paul McCartney

Keanu Reeves

Mark Wahlberg

Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman

Whoopi Goldberg


Spike Lee

Pierce Brosnan

Barack Obama

Bruce Willis 

Dennis Quaid

Robert Redford

Robert De Niro

Dan Aykroyd

Justin Bieber

Julie Roberts…. And these are just a few!