Study Finds Swearing Is The Most Common Way To Vent Frustration!

NO Sh**!

Study finds that swearing is the most common way to deal with Frustration! Some prefer to yell, while other’s cry- but by far- we all really like to swear!  One in Four will let out a swear before breakfast! The average person will let out a swear by 11:54 am!

The survey found that nearly 2000 people and found that we encounter about 1,205 stressful or frustrating events every year.

The biggest stresses include finances, not getting enough sleep, health concerns and work worries.  More than half of the people said that slow Wifi is enough to frustrate them causing them to let out an F-bomb!


Instead of the most common swear words, let’s get creative for those of us with kids!

Cheese and Rice
Shiiiii taki mushrooms!
Oh poo
Fudge Nuggets
Mother nature
Son of an onion
Shut the front door
Fudge Barries
Jimminy Crickets
Geez Louis
Poo on a stick
Son of Biscuit