Study Finds That Overweight Men Are Better In Bed!

Women prefer a Seth over a Zach

There is a lot of research to back up the fact that more women than not are attracted to fat men for a number of scientific reasons.

While being overweight comes with its share of health risks, it appears that chubby guys need not worry when it comes to love making.

Here’s why the fat guy wins:


Overweight men are considered more trustworthy!

according to research out of the University of Missouri. This study found that skinny politicians are less trustworthy too, compared to their fatter counterparts.


Hot Fat Guys Are A Product of Evolution!

A professor  at a College of Medicine wrote in 2006 that, 

“Those who could store fat easily had an evolutionary advantage in the harsh environment of early hunters and gatherers.”  Because there wasn’t much of a food supply back then, if a man was chubby- he was considered smart and very attractive. 


Your Love Handles Can Handle Longer Lovemaking…

Husky men are better in bed (and not just because they occasionally bring snacks) but 38% of women confess that overweight men were superior lovers.  Another study found that chubby guys last 7.3 minutes longer than skinny men.


Everyone Looks Thin Next to a Fat Guy…

Women feel better about themselves if their guy is fatter than she is.


And there is evidence that fat guys are funny…

Women find funny sexy- Women will take laughter over toned ads any day according to this study!

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