Study Reveals That Employees Work Harder When Their Bosses Do This

Feeling appreciated goes a long way!

Over half of employed respondents working from home revealed they haven’t felt much gratitude from their job since they stopped commuting.


The new study of 2000 adults working from home reveals that 58% haven’t felt much gratitude from the boss for their efforts.


The lack of thanks has added to an already strained workforce as seven in ten say they’re working more and harder than ever before.


Three-quarters of respondents working from home said their mental health would likely improve if they received more appreciation and recognition.


Without thanks, employees won’t be going above and beyond for long since two-thirds (68%) of those working from home say they feel unmotivated to work since everything they do seems to go unnoticed.


Of those ready to cut back 29% will only do what’s expected of them and a quarter (26%) will just take their time completing assignments.




  1. Thank you! 34%
  2. I appreciate you doing that 32%
  3. That was helpful 28%
  4. Your time is valuable 27%
  5. You went above expectations on this 25%
  6. How are you doing? 24%
  7. I know how busy you are 21%
  8. This was really well-done work 19%
  9. That’s exactly what we hoped you’d do 16%