Stunt Driving Charges Laid Against A Dozen Drivers On Highway 400

High end cars impounded; licences suspended

All those cars. High end cars. Porsches and Lamborghinis, Mercedes and Aston Martins. A dozen of them corralled by OPP Sunday afternoon at an En Route in Barrie..steered off Highway 400 by a rolling police blockade after reports of high speed and erratic driving that began at the 407. Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says there’s no room for this on public roadways, urging anyone with dashcam video of the rally to give police a call. Twelve charges of Stunt Driving have been laid, twelve vehicles impounded, twelve licences suspended. A lawyer for the drivers – members of a car club called North Face Rally – is not sure the charges will stick; says other drivers often get nervous when they see these kinds of cars in a cluster driving just a little faster than they are.

photo: OPP