Summer Fun From The 80’s That Is No Longer Acceptable!

Remember when?

The good old days, as they are called.  Summertime in the 80’s was special.  It was a time for you to find fun, friends and get into a little trouble.  Boy, times have changed.  Here are a few things from the 80’s that are no longer acceptable or practiced!

Drinking From The Hose.

These days- Parents (including me) carry around refillable water containers. BPA-free, and each kid has their own themed cup so there is no cross contamination of potential germs. 

Sunscreen optional.

Today kids are slathered with sunscreen before they leave the house and every two hours after!  Back in the 80’s we baked in the sun and paid for it the day after with solar cain and Aloe Vera.

Artificially-dyed foods!

In the 80’s, the brighter the colour, the better!  Red dyed foods is a huge no no these days.  But back when we were kids- we craved those Astro Pops, blue jelly from a tube and those questionable rocket popsicles; oh and Bunkers.   Today, kids cool off with home made fresh juice frozen pops and smoothies… 

The babysitter that wasn’t much older than you.

In the summer, parents would scramble for childcare, and would take whatever they could get.  Remember that kid down the street who was the oldest on the block?  Maybe 11 or 12- whatever; that kid watched you and you survived.  Today, the kid much be at least 15 with a babysitters course and CPR training on their resume!


Taking Off All Day

In the 80’s- we’d be gone by 9am and not seen again until we were hungry.  We’d roam around on our bikes, hit up the corner store!  Today’s kids have GPS trackers or phones so there is constant contact with parents!