Support David Busby Centre at Colourful Kindness Meters

From Parking Meter to Kindness Meter

Old parking meters have been given a makeover on the outside AND the inside. That’s because the money you put in them will be donated to the David Busy Centre.

The Centre provides much needed support for those in our community who are experiencing homelessness, from organizing emergency shelter to working with individuals and families who experience chronic homelessness to help them secure housing and to become the best tenants they can be.

While the Centre does receive some support for local government, they rely heavily on donations from the public.

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You can support the David Busy Centre with tax-deductable donations. You can also put some money into their fun new Kindness Meters in businesses around Barrie! They are “repurposed parking meters that have been painted by community partners, participants and volunteers [and] all funds raised through the collection of the Kindness Meters go towards operational costs of the Busby Centre.⁣”

Find them at

•Champs Academy⁣
•Core Evolution⁣
•Dr. Chris Schell
•i.d. Hair Studio⁣
•Vintage Throne Barber Lounge⁣

To learn more, contact the Busby Centre at or visit one of the following local businesses to check them out for yourself!⁣



Image: David Busby Centre/Facebook