Survey Says It’s The Turkey That Sucks The Most About Thanksgiving!

The upside to not having a traditional Thanksgiving this year!

A new survey has some bad news for your Thanksgiving turkey. Actually, for all of your Thanksgiving cooking.


The survey asked 2,000 people about their Thanksgiving ‘fails’ – all the things that can go wrong while you’re preparing for the big feast. The number doesn’t tell a very encouraging story.


If you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you can expect at least 6 things to go wrong. The top 6?


  • Not all of the cooking is done on time
  • Not all of the cooking is done at the same time
  • Ran out of wine (this would be a TRAGEDY)
  • Spilled a dish on the floor
  • Forgot an essential ingredient in one dish
  • One or more dish is cold by the time it’s served


The most disturbing result of the survey: 76% of respondents say Thanksgiving would be so much more enjoyable if they could eliminate all the cooking from the equation.