Sweden’s Museum of Failure Celebrates Products That Flopped

Rest in peace Green Ketchup!

There’s a museum in Sweden dedicated to failed products.

Rejected products include Colgate Frozen Lasagna, Green Ketchup and fat-free Pringles…

Many items in the museum show companies’ attempts to diversify their brand. There’s Coca-Cola’s BlaK coffee beverage and Pepsi’s Crystal clear soda.

Iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson makes an appearance with a men’s eau-du-toilette, launched in the mid-1990s.

Even one of the world’s best-known businessmen, President Donald Trump, makes an appearance.

The ‘I’m Back And You’re Fired’ board game from 2004 looks like Monopoly, but players use ‘T’ branded pieces and the paper notes are adorned with Trump’s image.  The museum is in Helsingborg…

If Barrie had it’s own museum of Failures…

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