These Moms Will Have You Cracking Up Over Swimsuits!

"Nobody's ever died from a swimsuit"

Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley are the hilarious comedy duo, imomsohard.
In their most recent video, they discuss the problem with swimsuits. Namely, what is up with women’s swimsuits?

First up, the guys. Here’s what they get:

“Wow. You’re wearing a practical outfit for what you have to do today!”


Then, swim suits for women:

“Hmm. I wonder if there’s a way to make your butt feel too big, to really accentuate your love handles and make your bust feel inadequate!”

Ah yes, those super cute bathing suits. Great for photos shoots; not so great for a trip to the beach with kids!

Check out their video then keep scrolling for my best bathing suit in recent years!

I really don’t like bathing suit shopping.  I don’t want to pay $100, so swimsuit-specific stores are not usually options. You know where I’ve had luck the last few years? Winners!
When I do find one that fits and looks good, I wear it until the elastic starts to go.
In December, I realised I needed a bathing suit or two for my month in the sun and I found this beauty. I bought it in a tank-top version as well. I should have bought 2 or 3 more, then I could have avoided bathing suit shopping for years! As it stands, I’ve probably got one more season of swimming before I go on a bathing suit hunt again.

The pink cap really tops it off, don’t you think?

Have fun in the sun and rock whatever suit you wear, whether a long-sleeved surfer outfit,that teeny weeny bikini or anything in between. You are beautiful! As Kristin and Jen say “No one thinks they look perfect ever! So let’s all go to the beach and have a good time.”


PS. I don’t usually swim with a bathing cap but I had done my hair the day before and I didn’t want to have to blow-dry it again!