Swiss Supermarket is now offering Burgers made with Bugs!

Would you like Beef or Bugs with that?

A Swiss Supermarket it selling a burger packed with rice, chopped vegetables, spices and mealworm larvae…

The Swiss supermarket chain Coop, has begun selling burgers and balls made from insects. Why?

The goal is to convince leery consumers to try a nutritious, if unusual food that “preserves the planet’s resources,” Coop says.

In Europe, most are accustomed to steak, sausage, poultry and fish as a source of protein.  The insect burgers, like the meat variety, can be accompanied by buns, tomatoes and lettuce. The insect balls — a mixture of mealworms with cilantro, onions and chickpeas — seem to fit best in pita bread, perhaps with a spoonful of yogurt.

The chain says the insect products have been flying off shelves during their limited rollout…